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Panama properties

Why buy in Panama?

There is no better place to invest or live in Latin America and the Caribbean. Panama is centrally located in Central America and is just a three hour plane ride from the United States.

Panama is an investor-friendly government and has always been about business. Residents do not have to pay taxes on foreign-earned income, tourism investments have 20-year exemptions from import duties, fees for construction materials and equipment, income, real estate and other taxes.

Panama has the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world with more and more traders setting up shop. Many U.S. and international companies are making their regional headquarters in Panama in part because it is the safest country in the region.

In Panama, you'll encounter less red tape, less interference from authorities, more amenities than traditional retirement spots, lower costs and crime rates, and being viewed as a stable economy.

The U.S. dollar is the currency which makes visitors lives so much easier instead of trying to constantly figure out basic costs.

Health insurance and health care is very inexpensive. Panama's hospitals are equipped with the latest in diagnosing and services and have English speaking trained doctors.

The high speed internet access the country has is considerably better than the United States and the phone services are very reliable.

Panama is known for having the best shopping in Latin America and has four great shopping malls!

There are many reasonably price restaurants as well as fine dining that offer a wide variety of cuisines. If you are homesick, no need to worry they have American restaurants, too!

In Panama, you'll never feel too far from home.

We are featuring three communities in Panama City, Q Tower, Serenity and Le Mare that are opening soon with exceptional opportunities!

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An exclusive hideaway, the Viveros Resort is located on an island surrounded by miles of pristine white and golden sand beaches. Every last detail for this unprecedented development has been carefully weighed to provide both guests and residents alike with the finest standards of living; all while maintaining absolute respect and care for Island’s natural environment and ecosystem.

At Viveros Resorts, discerning travelers will witness a commitment to excellence, featuring an array of luxurious amenities including a marina and an 18 holes Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course (http://www.nicklaus.com/design/islaviveros). All resort residents will afford stunning ocean views from their rooms, balconies and suites. Viveros Resort’s first phase of development includes 150 exclusive home sites, with an average lot area of 50,000 sq. ft. (1 acre). All home sites are ocean front, not to say beach front properties, deliver with title insurance. This phase also includes a 8 room cottage hotel, a private airport for easy access and exclusive slips at the marina.

The entire infrastructure, which was required under the initial phase of the development process, has been delivered. Home owners are already enjoying the island. Viveros Resort is an experience of a lifetime; a hidden world where North and South America meet in an unspoiled luxury destination dubbed “The New Mediterranean”.


Panama is currently experiencing an incredible real estate development boom. The high standard of living, excellent healthcare services and strong, dollar-based economy are just some of the reasons that Panama is one of the preferred destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean for foreigner investors and expatriates.

The archipelago of Las Perlas is blessed with a delightful tropical climate, soft ocean breezes and warm sunshine. While the crystalline waters and beaches here could easily be confused with those of the Caribbean, the Pacific Pearls islands are hidden away from violent Atlantic storms. The sparkling seas provide an important breeding ground for three species of whales, dolphins, marine turtles and over 100 species of birds and thus, the ocean here teems with marine life. Some of the best sports fishing on the planet can be found here, creating an instant attraction to anglers from around the world.

Of the 100-plus islands, Viveros is the fourth largest and is located 45 miles southeast of Panama City in the Pacific Ocean. Pristine Viveros lies just 8 miles from Isla Contadora and just 250 yards from Isla del Rey, two of the most developed islands in the group.


Viveros Resort has its own, private airport so water transfers from other islands is not necessary. The island already boasts a 4,000 ft airstrip and it will be soon a 5,000 ft airstrip. Once completed, the airport will be completed with customs and immigration services, making it possible to fly directly to and from Viveros Resort.

15-minute flight is all it takes to travel the 45 miles from Panama City to Isla Viveros, with access from both Tocumen International Airport and Marcos A. Gelabert Domestic Airport. Regular, scheduled flights will be available on local carriers and will fly direct to the island. Transportation can also be by boat and will take almost one hour.


The Full Service marina of Viveros’ Resort, first slips will be ready in 2010, allowing members of the community the opportunity to discover the Las Perlas. The island is located in one of the best area for this, at 1 hour from Pinas Bay, the world famous fishing area.


Viveros Resort is building a fly-in community in complement of the beach, golf and boat communities (just to name some).

The airstrip will have 4,000 ft by end 2010 and will be extended to 5,000ft. A provisional airstrip is already functional for local planes.


A Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. We believe it is enough to describe what will be this incredible course all owners will have access. It will be an 18 hole, Highest PGA standards and PAR 72 golf course. Competitions will be of course organized.


A community with all amenities must be complete with shopping center, designer stores, bars, discotheques and spas. Health center will be available with easy and fast access to city hospital.

Cottage Hotel

One 8 rooms Cottage hotel opening mid-2010. We will soon make the announcement of the operator of a 100 rooms Boutique hotel.

Homesites & Villas

Viveros Resort’s exclusive residences gracefully combine function and design, while perfectly capturing the essence of island life. Indoor and outdoor living spaces blend seamlessly into one, offering residents a lifestyle harmonious with the surrounding natural beauty.

AMTRADE has exclusive rights to sell properties on Isla Viveros for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Russia and we are offering a 10% discount on regular prices for our clients.  Don't let this opportunity slip by, contact us today.


Q TOWER is an ocean front masterpiece, created specially for those individuals who look for luxury, comfort, and exclusivity. All of its units have astonishing ocean front location, high floor to ceiling height, and the best quality finishes.

Q Tower is located on Punta Pacifica, the latest and most sophisticated neighborhood in Panama City offering ocean front and Panama Bay views. It is strategically located within walking distance of major shopping malls, supermarkets, and restaurants.


SERENITY is a luxurious 45 stories tower development, located in the prominent neighborhood of San Francisco. All units enjoy unobstructed ocean front views, complemented by world class amenities. This majestic retreat is the most desired location in Panama City.

It is a peaceful residential neighborhood surrounded by restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals and major shopping centers. You will enjoy beautiful ocean and city views while being near to the city's main roads and highways.


LE MARE gives you the privilege of having your condo residence in a very exclusive and quiet neighborhood, Coco del Mar, being just steps away from Panama's major highlights. From its units, you can enjoy beautiful ocean front views, with wide green areas surrounding the property. Choose from our one or two bedroom units. The trendy duplex unit is an option that you will not want to miss.

Le Mare is located in San Francisco which is one of the most flourishing areas in Panama City. It is a peaceful residential neighborhood surrounded by restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals and major shopping centers. You will enjoy beautiful ocean and city views while being near to the city's main roads and highways.

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